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What to do with all that hair?!

So…what to do with all that hair?! I have seen various posts that address this question. Some have posted about cutting it all off (sad day :(), such as Stephanie and Julia. I found another by Meg that talks about hair tie products recommended by Lana Hunter. Thus, as a BJJ practitioner with long hair myself, I’ve decided to put in my own $.02. My hair is not only long but also silky, soft, slips out of most anything, and there is a lot of it!

Since I first started training in January 2010 my hair has only gotten consistently longer. I first wore my hair in a simple ponytail. This did not work for me very long as it was constantly getting in my eyes, mouth and getting caught on everything. I was terrified of getting my hair ripped out at some point. I gradually moved onto using an elastic headband with my ponytail. This did little to help with my hair getting caught but did help for a short time keeping my hair out of my eyes and mouth. It brought only short relief, however, since the damn thing kept slipping out during drilling or my first roll. I quickly gave up on that. Now what was I going to do?

I started thinking about braids after these two failed attempts to manage my mane. I tried out a single french braid but eventually moved on to a double french braid. I don’t braid my hair all the way down but rather only braid it to the crown of my head then pull it all into a ponytail that I then sweep into a tight bun. I noticed that my hair tends to hold this better when I rough it up a bit with some product. The bun does come loose from time to time but it’s not too bad. I like it better than the idea of (eek!) chopping off my long locks. 🙂 Thought I’d put out an idea for what to do with long hair aside from simply cutting it all off…


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