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It has been way too long!

So yes…it has been WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!! It’s been difficult to post much on here because I am not training like I was before I was pregnant. I only train once or twice a week and, as I’ve gotten bigger, my movements and ability has become more and more limited. IT REALLY SUCKS!!! There really is no other way to express that.

I’m lucky that I’ve always been a relatively small and petite framed individual. However, that makes adjusting to this new weight gain and all profoundly new and different. I’m definitely not adjusting as well as I’d like. Sometimes I just feel like a blimp walking around. I’m actually gaining weight by the book but it’s still just very odd for me.

This has really put a damper on my training ability. I’m so much clumsier in BJJ than I have ever been. I’ve always felt that I’ve done well with the technical aspect of training as well as with my flexibility and being relatively agile. That has all seriously gone right out the window!!!!!!! 😦 Boooo! So I’m just in there doing light drilling and lightly rolling with just my husband. I miss training. So much. I am super happy to be pregnant and am super excited for this baby but I do wish it hadn’t hampered my training as much. I am looking forward to getting back in the gym, though I’m sure I won’t be able to train as often as before then either.

My husband has told me that my guard passing better be awesome by the end of this since I’m mostly working from the top these days. I haven’t really been working guard much. I’m hoping my guard passing will have improved but I feel like the technique sucks since I’m so clumsy about it. I feel like I’m flailing about, mostly.

On a way more awesome note…and the REAL reason for this post…is to congratulate my husband and other teammates for their various promotions!!! πŸ™‚ On Monday night, our coach had a two hour long BJJ class where mostly the guys just drilled. My husband was promoted to purple belt that night!!!!!!!! I am so very proud of him and the work he has put into this sport. It’s so exciting for him! Two other teammates earned their purple belts and two guys got their blue belts. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of color in our gym now!! πŸ™‚ Three of the guys got stripes and two of the kids in the children’s class also got promoted to the next belt. It was a really big night for Team Kaos!! πŸ™‚
The other cool/awesome thing about this past weekend and Monday night is that our coach had an MMA fight Saturday night and he put on a stellar show and won by armbar!! It was an awesome fight and it was amazing to see Coach fight. Monday was also our coach’s 5th year as a BJJ black belt so it was a big night for him as well. So proud of our coach and our whole team!!! πŸ™‚

A photo of Coach with my new purple belt hubby!!! SO proud! πŸ™‚

The hubby and me! πŸ™‚

A group shot! Yea, KAOS!

The new purple belts!

Carlos with Blake, the new blue belt!! πŸ™‚

Congrats again guys!!! πŸ™‚ So proud of my wonderful hubby, all my teammates and my amazing coach!!



I know, I know…It’s been FOREVER!! Like four months…

OK then. So to catch up on recent happenings. I have been MIA due to some exciting news!! My husband and I are expecting our first child!! We are extremely excited! I was not quite ready to discuss this with the BJJ world and so I voluntarily took some timeΒ  until I was prepared to announce this.

So with this news, it goes without saying that my training schedule has been seriously adjusted. And oh how I miss BJJ!!!!! 😦 My most nagging symptom during the first trimester has been fatigue so getting on the mat has been most difficult but I have managed to get to the gym a few times. Nothing like my past training but I guess a little is better than nothing.

It’s definitely an adjustment having to stay cognizant of this little fragile being in me. I have been much more aware of my body and listening to more of my aches and pains. My doctor has told me that I can continue to train as long as I feel comfortable doing it but to just be careful. I no longer roll with just anyone. Mainly I have just been rolling with the hubs.

I am hoping that since I am now in the second trimester some of the fatigue will decrease and allow me to hit the gym more often. I am also hoping this means I will be back to posting on here more often. πŸ™‚

If anyone is interested and would like to follow along on my partner blog about the newest addition to the family, please visit: babyjuarez.wordpress.com

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