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I know, I know…It’s been FOREVER!! Like four months…

OK then. So to catch up on recent happenings. I have been MIA due to some exciting news!! My husband and I are expecting our first child!! We are extremely excited! I was not quite ready to discuss this with the BJJ world and so I voluntarily took some time  until I was prepared to announce this.

So with this news, it goes without saying that my training schedule has been seriously adjusted. And oh how I miss BJJ!!!!! 😦 My most nagging symptom during the first trimester has been fatigue so getting on the mat has been most difficult but I have managed to get to the gym a few times. Nothing like my past training but I guess a little is better than nothing.

It’s definitely an adjustment having to stay cognizant of this little fragile being in me. I have been much more aware of my body and listening to more of my aches and pains. My doctor has told me that I can continue to train as long as I feel comfortable doing it but to just be careful. I no longer roll with just anyone. Mainly I have just been rolling with the hubs.

I am hoping that since I am now in the second trimester some of the fatigue will decrease and allow me to hit the gym more often. I am also hoping this means I will be back to posting on here more often. 🙂

If anyone is interested and would like to follow along on my partner blog about the newest addition to the family, please visit: babyjuarez.wordpress.com


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One thought on “OH MY GOODNESS!!!

  1. Very cool! Meg is expecting as well! Congrats!

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