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Hard work does pay off!

It has been a BIG week for me!!!! I trained Tuesday, Thursday and today.

So Thursday we continued working drills with constant movement and so partners were flowing from one position to another. After drilling I rolled with my husband twice, my coach, one of the brown belts at our gym, and two other white belts. I noticed that my coach was really going hard with me and even told my husband during our last roll something like put it on me. When we were lined up at the end of class my coach promoted me to a BLUE BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I cannot even begin to put into words how awesome this was (and still it) and how much it means. I have worked hard for nearly two years and I am finally now a blue belt! It was surreal. I definitely did the “girl” thing and cried. Apparently my coach had planned to promote me about two weeks ago but I was not in class. Knowing that it was coming up, my husband went and ordered the Atama blue belt (the one I wanted) so my coach could give me that when he did promote me. I’m still not sure that it has really hit me yet but I am very excited for what is ahead.

I could not have gotten to this point with out the help of so many people. Obviously my coach…he is an amazing coach. He always pushes me to work hard but is also very supportive. My husband has been a wonderful supporter and constant motivator. His encouragement of my training has often times kept me going even when I thought I really couldn’t do it. He is my biggest cheerleader! 🙂 The Kaos team is definitely another group that has helped me reach this goal. My teammates are there day in and day out, not only to train for themselves but also to train with and for their teammates. All of these people have been so patient with me and my progress in this sport. I honestly didn’t know if I would make it to this point! It’s crazy. I appreciate each and everyone of you! Thanks!

So today was my first day of training as a blue belt. It was noticeably different for me. I could tell my mindset has changed since Thursday night. Lately my husband has been talking to me about getting into what he calls “warrior mode.” He was not saying that I was not being aggressive but maybe not being aggressive enough. I noticed that I turned into “warrior mode” today while I was rolling. I think that this promotion has reassured me that I do have skills and that my technique is up to par (for my level). This was maybe the little push I needed to have more confidence in myself and believe in my skills and technique. I am so looking forward to what awaits now that I have reached this milestone. 🙂

A picture of my coach and me wearing my new blue belt! 🙂


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