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New homeowners!!!

My husband and I closed on our house today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 YAY! It is so exciting. We spent most of the day preparing for the closing and moving boxes over to the new house. We met the team tonight after weigh-ins to get some grub. With so much “kaos” with all the home stuff, I’ve barely had time to think about the fact that my match is TOMORROW!!!! It really hit me when I saw all the guys at the restaurant. One of my friends told me he saw my opponent and we started chatting. The more we talked, the more nervous I became. Tonight at dinner was the first time I really felt the nerves. So tomorrow morning we wake bright and early to start our actual move then head to weigh-ins and the rules meeting. The pre-lims will start around 3:30 and I think I am second on the card…EEK!!!!

Last night was my last night to train before this match tomorrow. It was a good night of class. We worked on the same techniques from Tuesday again. It was good to continue working on these submissions. Following this, I rolled with my coach, my husband twice and my girl friend twice. During one of my rolls with my husband and girl friend, I took off my gi to work a little more no-gi to prep for tomorrow. I felt more positive about my rolling last night. I really tried my best to keep my mindset in check and fight against allowing myself to feel defeated. Last night was the first time I have ever been able to submit my girl friend while rolling. I caught her in an arm bar and she was most certainly resisting. I held on tight and fought for it and she ended up tapping. I don’t say to this to brag at all because it is not a huge deal but this is one thing I have been striving for because I struggle when I roll with her. I feel like it is a step in the right direction for me.

I am not sure how I will feel about my match tomorrow but, for now, I am pretty intensely nervous but somewhat preoccupied (thankfully) by the impending move in the morning. 🙂 Hope all goes well with both tomorrow!


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